Krew Member Descriptions

Please show up 10-15 minutes early for instructions and placement.
At this time only those consigning may sign up as Krew Members.

Set Up:

This shift requires some heavy lifting. You will be putting up and putting together racks and shelves, setting up tables, hanging signs and arranging it all. This will take place Monday.

Consignor Check-in:

This shift requires a lot of standing and chatting with other sellers. You will be inspecting items brought in by consignors, checking for stains, rips, and holes in clothing and checking other items brought in to make sure they are clean and in working order. Clothing must all face the right direction with tags in the proper location. This position will require rejecting items. This is a great position if you want to check out all the “good” stuff coming in for the event. This will take place Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Merchandise Runners:

These people will be taking merchandise from the check-in tables to their designated areas for the sale. This takes place at the same time as seller check-in.


This shift is a great one for those that need to take it easy. It involves making sure consignors and volunteers sign in and fill out any forms, distribute pre-sale passes, and also give instruction on how to proceed. This takes place at the same time as the consignor check-in.


If you like to organize this is the shift for you. Organizers will be hanging items facing the same direction, making sure to put like items together, and arranging the tables and shelves. This will take place Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sale Floor Assistant:

All sale workers will be needed to help rearrange merchandise and also move tables when necessary. Sale floor helpers will be responsible for walking the floors and assisting customers as needed. They are also responsible for keeping the sales floor looking neat and tidy.


The greeters will sit or stand by the front doors, welcoming people to our sale.

Register Assistant:

These people will assist the cashier in removing tags, scanning tags, and bagging merchandise during the sale and pre-sales. They will also help if people need assistance with their items or if they have purchased any large items.


We need detail-oriented people for this shift. “The Sort” will take place on Saturday evening from 4pm until we are finished. All unsold merchandise needs to be sorted into donation or not and then by consignor number for each consignor to come pick up. For this shift accuracy is of utmost importance.

Take down:

This shift consists of assisting consignors who are picking up their unsold merchandise. They will also assist in taking down the racks, shelves, and tables and cleaning up the building. Take down will take place on Sunday morning.