Tagging Party

If you are new to selling with Bella Kids and would like some guidance in how it works, think about hosting a tagging party! Just invite at least 3 other friends and we can tag together. Please contact me at bellakidsak@gmail.com if you’d like to schedule a tagging party!

How to Tag

REMINDER:  We have had SOOOOOO many 0-12 month items in the past, so we are implementing a 50 tag/item or less for HANGING boys and girls.  This DOES NOT include winter, costumes, boutique, swim, or dance!  We encourage you to bundle your items (example-attach several onesies onto a hanger and tag them as a multipack) in those sizes!

We have VIDEOS now! View our How To’s on YouTube! Or Read On for more info!

Please remember all items must be in gently used or new condition and clean with no damage. Be picky when inspecting your items.

You set your price. We recommend you start prices at one third of the original price and going up or down based on the quality and brand. All pricing is in 50 cent increments, priced $1.50 or higher.

Make sure to start early! Sorting, cleaning, and tagging your items will take time and you don’t want to be stressed out the week before the sale trying to get it done.

All items to be sold are checked during drop off and Bella Kids reserves the right to turn away any items which do not meet our standards.

Questions about pricing? Check out this great link we have provided from consignmentmommies.com for pricing ideas or our pricing guide.

If you have any questions please email us at bellakidsak@gmail.com.

 Supplies Needed for Tagging:

  1. Printed Tags (Please print on white cardstock 60-69lb!)
  2. Scissors
  3. Hangers
  4. Safety Pins
  5. Clear Packing Tape (*NEVER tape over the barcode.*)
  6. Ziploc Bags (multiple sizes depending on what you are selling)
  7. Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape (good for attaching tags to books)
  8. Plastic wrap (good for holding puzzles or toy items with many pieces, together)
  9. Tagging Gun (optional, safety pins can be used as well) *If using a tagging gun make sure to only place the needle in a seam, any other location may cause damage to your item and damaged items will not be accepted.
  10. Ribbon or Zip Ties
  11. Batteries- for those toys that require batteries

Please remember:

It is the Seller’s responsibility to make sure none of their items have been recalled. You can check www.cpsc.gov or here for recall information.

To Create/Print Tags:

1.   Login to your account or Register if you haven’t done so yet.

·      Once logged in, from the Consignor Homepage you’ll see your Activities Menu-from there you can click “Work with Consigned Inventory”.  After clicking you will see an option to tag in either the Mobile Version mode or PC/Laptop Version mode.

2.    Add your inventory into the system.

·      A good description helps in case of lost tags. Use line 1 for a brief description and line 2 for more information if needed. (“Zip up jacket”-line 1, “purple, gold hearts, Osh Kosh”-line 2)

·      Discount option: Choosing this option will mark your items ½ price on the last day of the event and also for the ½ price pre sale Saturday evening.

·      Donate option: Choosing this option means that your items will go to our specified charities after the event and you will not get them back.  If choosing to donate your items your items will automatically be discounted.

3.    Print out your tags on white or light colored cardstock. Please do not change the size of the tags. The tags should take up the entire page(letter size) and the orientation should be landscape, if they are not then please check your page orientation.

4.    Follow the instructions below for attaching your tags to your items.



All clothing should be freshly washed, ironed, and on a hanger. Ironing is not required but the better your item looks the more likely it is to sell.

The front of the item should be facing the left when hung with the hanger top forming a question mark while lying down.

Please remember to hang items on an appropriate sized hanger. Wire hangers take up less space than plastic hangers, but either are acceptable.

Wire hangers can be used for all clothing items. Safety pins are to be used in attaching pants, shorts, or skirts to hangers. Please attach them to the top of the hanger so they do not slide around.

All tags should be attached on the right side of the garment with a safety pin or a tagging gun.

When using a tagging gun, attach tag on the right side of the garment, on the right underarm seam. If the right underarm seam is not available please use the garment tag or a zipper pull. Please do NOT place the tagging gun directly in the body of the garment as this is likely to cause holes.

Do NOT use staples, straight pins, clothespins or tape to attach tags to clothing. Items not tagged appropriately will not be accepted.

Please sort items by size and gender for drop-off. Yarn or zip ties work well in keeping sizes together.



All shoes should be clean and in gently used or new condition. Magic Eraser works great for cleaning shoes.

To join shoes together please use curling ribbon, a zip tie, or rubber band to join both shoes together and then attach the tag either to the shoe itself or on the connecting ribbon, zip tie, or shoelaces.


Use ribbon or zip tie to attach tag to shoes and to keep shoes together.

Or you can affix the tag to the bottom of the shoes, with the top half on one shoe and the bottom half (with the barcode) on the other shoe. Make sure to keep the barcode clear of tape.

Loose Items:

Many items (hair bows, bottles, etc) fit well in a ziploc bag. Please tape the tag to the bag with clear packing tape. Please do not place tape over the barcode.


Toys should be clean and all parts should be in working order. Please include batteries if they are required for the toy to work.

Tags should be attached with packaging tape. Please do not cover the barcode with tape!

For toys with small parts please seal them in a ziploc bag and attach the tag with packaging tape. Please do not cover the barcode with tape!

Puzzles and Games:

These need to have all the pieces and need to be in the box, plastic wrapped (wooden children’s puzzles), or tied together. Use painter’s tape or masking tape to secure box lids to bottoms. Be careful when using tape as it may remove the paint from the puzzles. Attach the tag to the outside of the puzzle being careful not to cover the barcode with tape.

Large Toys and Outdoor Equipment:

Please make sure these are clean and have all parts. Attach the tag with clear packing tape being careful to not cover the barcode.


Please make sure all bedding is freshly laundered with no stains, rips, or holes. Package these in XL ziploc or clear bag and attach the tag using clear packing tape, making sure to not cover the barcode. If there is more than one bag please do not print multiple tags, just label the items with a piece of tape with 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc, along with your consignor number, and the item number from the tag. Please be very descriptive on the tag and make sure to include how many pieces there are.

Blankets can be hung on a hanger or placed in a ziploc bag. Receiving blankets, for example, sell well when grouped together and on a hanger.

Books and Videos:

Please use masking tape or painter’s tape to attach the tag to the item as it can be removed without damaging the book or video. Please seal DVD’s and CD’s with tape.

Please remember all items must be in gently used or new condition and clean with no damage.

All consigned items are checked during drop off and Bella Kids reserves the right to turn away any items which do not meet our standards. If you have any questions please email us at bellakidsak@gmail.com.