Volunteer Options

Volunteer: 1 shift

Access to the pre-sale at 5:00pm (5:00pm for the 1/2 price pre-sale) and 75% split.

Volunteer: 2 shifts

Access to the pre-sale at 4:30pm (4:30pm for the 1/2 price pre-sale) and 80% split.

Volunteer: 2 shifts plus the sort* (must stay till sort is finished)

Access to the pre-sale at 4pm (4pm for the 1/2 price pre-sale) and 85% split.
*Volunteers must stay until the sort is finished to receive credit for the shift. The more people that sign up for this shift the faster it goes! Bella Kids provides dinner!

*At this time only those consigning may sign up as Volunteers.*

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We need our Volunteers for:

Set Up/Take Down
Consignor Check-in
Pulling tags/Checkout
Sorting Items
And more!

We also have bartering options such as flier distribution, advertising, and more. Contact us at info@bellakidsak.com if you are interested in any of these or if you have an idea or suggestion.

When you sign up as a Volunteer please leave registration positions for those
who are pregnant/nursing an infant or have other health issues that need accommodating.

Children are not allowed at a Volunteer shift unless they are a nursling, can be “worn” and it has been prearranged with Bella Kids. Exceptions have been made but must be approved by Bella Kids staff.

Guests are not allowed at Volunteer pre-sales.

ATTENTION: No show Volunteers will not be allowed to help at future events. You may reschedule your shift anytime online before Sunday, October 8th, 2017. We know emergencies do happen and they will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis if you are unable to make your scheduled shift, please contact us if you are unable to make it.

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